Ok-Magnificence Is Having Sophisticated Sexual Wellness Awakening

On the floor, this progress of female care merchandise amongst Ok-beauty manufacturers would possibly appear to be an indicator of blossoming intercourse positivity and celebration of ladies’s our bodies. Nevertheless, Jiwon suspects there’s one thing extra sinister behind massive manufacturers getting into this market. The truth that female washes exist so prevalently is an indication of the Ok-beauty trade using “disgrace advertising,” she says. 

Melissa Mauskar, MD, an affiliate professor of dermatology, in addition to obstetrics and gynaecology, at UT Southwestern Medical Middle, could not agree extra. “We’re taught that vulvas and vaginas are ‘soiled,'” she says. “And if we ‘clear it,’ then, we are able to make the itch and ache go away.”

Vaginas do not should be cleaned, although. The docs I interviewed even deliver up a press release you’ll have heard earlier than: The vagina is a self-cleaning oven. When it is wholesome, it’s naturally acidic and has a low pH, which protects it from bacterial and yeast overgrowth, says Jill Krapf, MD, a board-certified OB/GYN who specialises in vulvar ache circumstances at The Middle for Vulvovaginal Issues in Washington, D.C. 

Evidently, washing your vaginal space your self with cleansers and different merchandise can throw off that pure pH and result in the whole lot you are making an attempt to keep away from through the use of them: vaginitis, vaginal infections, discharge, and pores and skin irritation. They’ll even worsen underlying pores and skin circumstances and strip away the vagina’s pure moisturisers. As a substitute of reaching for female washes, “Folks want to speak to their dermatologist or gynaecologist if they’re having issues,” Dr. Mauskar provides. 

Jiwon discovered that some Ok-beauty manufacturers deliberate to interrupt by the market’s saturation with disgrace advertising at a cocktail party in South Korea in 2017. When she requested what the tactic entailed, a person in attendance defined that it “targets ladies’s insecurities to create a wholly new territory of the market,” recounts Jiwon. The person proceeded to record off a product that dyes vulvas pink to make them appear youthful and extra fascinating to males for example. “I believed that was tremendous violent,” Jiwon tells me, “however that also exists anyway.”

Female washes had been only the start. Proper now, the market is beginning to flood with “inside perfumes,” that are fragrances meant to be added to your underwear to supposedly assist your vagina odor higher and reduce any itching or discomfort.  Adverts for them are throughout social media, Jiwon says. 

Once I inform Dr. Mauskar about these perfumes, she instantly says, “Yikes,” earlier than clarifying that fragrances are among the most typical causes of allergic reactions on the vulva. Like female washes, inside perfumes may also exacerbate exasperate underlying pores and skin circumstances, resembling psoriasis, lichen sclerosus, and atopic dermatitis, and make them more durable to diagnose. And should you’re actually involved about vaginal odors, “It’s best to examine with a gynecologist to rule out bacterial vaginosis or different vaginal infections that might require remedy,” as an alternative of making an attempt to cancel it out with dangerous, irritating scents, Dr. Krapf provides. 

Specializing in Wellness 

Yanghee additionally attributes the rise of Ok-beauty’s sexual wellness sector to Koreans’ obsession with well being and wellness. She believes ladies, specifically, will take any measure that they imagine will defend their reproductive features — whether or not meaning sustaining their pH steadiness with the female washes, lubes, and condoms, or in Rael’s case, utilizing natural interval merchandise, to “have a wholesome womb and vagina,” she explains. 

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